WIN ERP Lead Management System

Lead management system is an integral part to ERP software. Leads come from various sources like direct on website, through email marketing, social media, personal references etc. There should be a software solution to keep track of every detail concerning leads and managing them effectively. The main purpose of working with leads is to convert them into your customers. In a nut shell we can say lead management system is the process of fetching customers and register their data, such as contact numbers, addresses, emails and names, so that they can be contacted in future.

With the adoption of the state of the art technology WIN ERP software boasts providing cost effective yet smart solutions for managing this process.

Features of WIN ERP Lead Management System:

  • The leads tab opens with list view showcasing the basic information in chronological order starting from the most recent ones. When you use the system for the first time the list will be empty. It gives you provision to start adding leads.
  • Sort
  • The list of leads displayed can be sorted chronologically or as per your choice. There could be few mandatory columns like:
    • Priority (low/medium/high);
    • Source (email/google/website/other);
    • Stage (draft/in progress/qualified);
    • Assigned to;
    • Edited by
  • Lead Promotion
  • To add new leads simply click a “New” button in the top menu. Then fill in all the available contact information into respective forms, like, contact name, email, phone, address, etc. New leads can be assigned to the concerned sales team or it can be linked to the person already in the database. Additional details can be added in internal notes. Click Create, and leads will be generated.
  • Advantages WIN ERP Lead Management System:
  • Complete lead database including Leads Status
  • Timely reminders on Leads
  • Prioritization of Leads
  • Friendly import wizard for bulk import of Leads
  • Automatic lead-routing based on Sales Territory, Product Specialization and Campaign Designee.
  • Assign Partner Territories and Product Specialties
  • Automated Prospect greeting E-mails
  • Automate your Lead Distribution Process for a broad network of partners
  • Collect feedback from different channels systematically
  • User-friendly interface
  • Avoid overlapping of efforts
  • Better co-ordination within Sales Team