WIN ERP HR and Payroll Management Software

WIN ERP HR and Payroll Management Software is extremely user-friendly that enables an organization to easily and flawlessly accomplish the otherwise very difficult and mundane activity. The Cloud ERP HR & Payroll Software helps in managing employee information and assists in processing payroll. The HR & Payroll Software is further customizable based on specific requirements sought by the customers. It comes with HR Dashboards, Employee Tracking and Management, Payroll Management and Structuring, Leave Management and Employee Self Service tabs. WIN ERP HR and Payroll Management Software integrates the HRD with all the other departments of an organization, and unifies all employee and employee related information that are scattered across the company.

Features of WIN ERP HR and Payroll Management Software:

    HR Dashboard
  • WIN ERP HR and Payroll Management Software provides easy-to-use features for paperless hiring, payroll, timesheets, performance appraisals, HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) and many more. In dashboard you can find all essential HR related information gathered visually and assorted in HR metrics. Various graphs and charts include statistical data on number of employees in a company, number of newly hired and ex-workers, working hours and overtimes, vacations days, gender coefficients by departments, company’s hierarchy. All that data is gathered automatically from respective HR sections, and you just need to select a month for viewing.
  • ERP Payroll Software
  • Different categories of employees work in an organization. They have different components of Earnings and Deductions. Payroll is governed by Statutory Regulations like PF, ESI, and Professional Tax that are subject to change. They also specify a number of mandatory forms that need to be filed by the employer every month. WIN Cloud ERP Payroll Software gives you the ability to deal with these issues in a simple and automated manner.
  • Leave Management
  • This menu allows admin to set leave policies and create individual records pertaining to leaves. Leave policy framework is maintained and designed for different designations or departments. Management team can review user leave requests. Holiday records can be created and employees can view leaves within a calendar year.
  • Employee Self Service
  • The Employee Self-Service Software offers a range of features that employees can use to update and maintain their information. Some of the common functions and benefits are employees can initiate their own change of address and update contact information when it changes. Employees can add new dependents to their benefits and can remove dependents that are no longer eligible.
  • Employees can update beneficiaries in Employee Self-Service and can see various benefit plans available for them. Employees can also see their job title, supervisor’s name and department information in Employee Self-Service.
  • Advantages of WIN ERP HR and Payroll Management Software:
  • Automated processes save management time and effort that can probably be better spent on more relevant tasks.
  • Enhance sharing of information and collaboration and then compile it into a useable format.
  • Management gains a clearer picture of HR especially on employee resources and shortfalls.
  • Helps maintain up to date data by ensuring that the data is not only correct, but also not duplicated.
  • Helps reduce licensing expenses by setting up costs and maintaining these systems.