WIN ERP Purchase and Payable Software

WIN ERP Purchase and Payable Module helps you to manage purchases and accounts payable. The purchase & procurement Software is fully integrated with the General Ledger application area. Hence, whenever a transaction is posted such as an invoice, the program automatically posts all necessary transactions to all relevant accounts, like, the purchases account, the payables account, and the applicable discount and other accounts. Effective management of payables can create direct impact on manufacturing, operations, and profitability. With different ERP controls such as scheduled payments, manufacturers can take advantage of supplier discounts. This act significantly lowers the purchasing costs.

Features of WIN ERP Purchase and Payable Software:

    Vendor Management
  • Managing and maintaining vendor information is an integral part of every company. It helps to manage basic information of a vendor such as name, address, and contact details etc. It can also define vendor-wise pricing and discounts, invoicing, payment terms, currency used can also be recorded for each vendor.
  • Order Management
  • Order management supports purchasers and purchase staff to efficiently manage purchases and payables. This tab provides clarity on partial order receipt and separates receivables, invoices and combines invoices. Other features include making quotations or collection of information about items details like, item names and item numbers from vendors and stores. Blanket purchase orders, return orders and credit memos can also be managed in this tab.
  • Combined shipment and Combined receipts
  • To invoice more than one receipt at a time, user can use combined receipts feature.
  • Discount Management:
  • Line wise discount: to provide item wise discount during sales and settle in the bill itself to promote particulate items or group of items.
  • Bill wise discount: to maximize the bill value gives additional discounts other than line discount.
  • Volume based discount: to facilitate step by step increase of discount % according to the specific ranges of bill value.
  • Period wise discount: to implement discount availability to a particular period.
  • Cash discount: cash discount allowed to customer at the time of bill payment for early settlement of bills.