WIN ERP Sales Management Software

ERP Sales Management Software covers the end-to-end sales cycle. Sales process, payment terms, payment method, shipment method, pricing, discounts etc are covered in detail in the ERP Sales Management Software. This Sales Management Software of the ERP system allows a company to organize and reorganize the sales process in an efficient way. Multiple configuration options and sales channels covered. Sales divisions, distributors, commercial agents, key accounts, retail, online portals etc are just some of the facilities which are integrated in ERP Sales Management Software. This Sales Management Software eliminates the bottlenecks and streamlines the sales process from sales quotes to approved orders, from successful orders to order fulfilment, and from timely invoicing to payment.

Features of WIN ERP Sales Management Software:

    Customer Management
  • Customer Management is an integral part of managing the total sales and finances of every company. It helps to manage basic information of a customer such as name, address, and contact details etc. It can also define credit limit and discounting for a customer, invoicing, payment terms, currency used can also be recorded for each individual customer on a customer screen.
  • Order Management
  • Order management supports sales staff to efficiently manage sales. This Sales Management Software provides clarity on order fulfilment like partial order shipment or complete shipment. This window helps in generating quotation or collecting information about items from customers and stores. Other features include managing separation between shipping and invoicing, combined invoicing, blanket sales orders, return orders and credit memos.
  • Drop Shipments
  • Receive orders for items that you do not stock or for which you lack sufficient inventory, and have a supplier provide the items directly to your customer.
  • Item Tracking
  • Serial number tracking helps in identifying each item in your inventory with a code and track its movement from the point of purchase to sale. Lot number tracking or Batch tracking helps in bulk tracking of items and monitoring their expiry dates too. Lot and serialized items in Inventory Management is required when lot and serialized items are issued out of base inventory.
  • Price Management
  • Sales Prices can be configured for individual customers, a group of customers, for all customers.
  • Discount Management:
  • Line wise discount: to provide item wise discount during sales and settle in the bill itself to promote particulate items or group of items.
  • Bill wise discount: to maximize the bill value gives additional discounts other than line discount.
  • Volume based discount: to facilitate step by step increase of discount % according to the specific ranges of bill value.
  • Period wise discount: to implement discount availability to a particular period.
  • Cash discount: cash discount allowed to customer at the time of bill payment for early settlement of bills.